Friday, September 14, 2012

a fresh start

Hi, we are Jyamond and Bohn-Bohn. We decided to make this blog to measure our fitness, keep up with fashion, discover the latest healthy foods, document the precious moments in our lives, and discuss what we like the most!

We decided to start our first post by listing the things we like the most. So here are some of the things we like the most:

1. Pretending to make out in public

2. Fitness (This is just so we sound hipster)

3. Talking about poop and farts

4. Speaking in a fake oriental language

5. Spreading rumors that Bohn-Bohn's hamster was pregnant and had an abortion

6. Being natural and earthly 

7. Being publicly indecent  

8. Gym shorts and slutty baby clothes

9. sushi 


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  2. i love empowered mommy! it's such a great read!